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Ultra Clean Tube Cleaning System

The Ultra Clean Tube Cleaning System

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AWR Racing is now carrying the Ultra Clean Tube Cleaning System. We are offering a wide selection of contamination removal systems that will serve a great benefit to racers and automobile enthusiasts. The Ultra Clean System is a process for cleaning or purging the inside the hose, tube pipe, or other thru-bores. As the Ultra Clean projectile cleans the inside diameter, the inside walls are also polished by the projectile.

Ultra Clean Tube Cleaning System

We all know that small particles will damage seals and o-rings, plug journals and other passageways, cutting down on the efficiency of the system or causing complete failure. The Ultra Clean System offers the opportunity to reduce maintenance and downtime, improve efficiency of hydraulic systems, and save time and money on contamination removal efforts. The reduced friction of the polished walls improved flow and seal wear.

Keeping components clean in the dirty environment at the track is nearly impossible, making it more important to clean hose assemblies and other parts before reassembling. The parts washer is not the cleanest place in the shop and is not an option at the track. Flushing with oils or solvents, which leaves contaminations behind, is an obsolete method for cleaning when comparred to using the Ultra Clean System.

There are many applications in the racing and automotive industry, including all types of hose assemblies and system components. Here are just a few applications:

Oil Lines and components • Brake Lines and Components • Coolers • Fuel Lines and Components • Fire Bottle Lines and Nozzles • Coolant Lines • Air Lines • Vacuum Lines • Air Intake Lines • Engine Components • Shock Tubes • Hydraulic Cylinders • Drinking Tubes • Cool Suit Systems • Painting and Powder Coating Equipment • Nitrous LInes and Equipment

Ultra Clean ProjectilesThe projectile cleans by being pressed against the internal surface of the hose, tube or pipe. This pressure is achieved, as the projectile is approximately 20% to 30% larger than the internal diameter of the hose, tube or pipe. For instance, a 50mm (2") projectile is recommended for a 38mm (1-1/2") hose.

We currently offer three types of projectiles:

  • Ultra Clean: Hose, tube, pipe and assemblies. Removes fine particles of loose contamination and can also be used for product purging.
  • Abrasive: Hose, tube or pipe with build up of contamination, surface rust or scale.
  • Grinding: Straight lengths of tube or pipe with greater build up of contamination, surface rust or scale.

NOTE: An Ultra Clean projectile should always be used after an abrasive or grinding projectile to insure cleanliness.

Individual circumstances may require a smaller or larger projectile. If the projectile is too large it will not leave the nozzle and if it is too small it will not clean effectively. The enormous variety in the types of couplings available today could also mean in some circumstances that the recommended size is inappropriate. When cleaning assemblies, a reduction in projectile size may be appropriate, as all the recommendations are based on the most commonly used coupling sizes.

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