Welcome to AWR’s support page. We will be providing documents with specifications and installations instructions from this page. You can also always call us at 760-598-9782 or email

Sway Bar Installation instructions

Protege and Protege5 21.5mm sway bar (Quicker instructions) 160kb

Protege and Protege5 19mm sway bar. (Step by step) Also good as a reference for above bar. 160kb


Trailing link installation instructions

Protege and Protege5 upgraded trailing link. 280kb


Sway Bar Bracket installation instructions

Miata sway bar bracket. 328kb


Wide Body Installation Instructions

Miata wide body installation instructions


Electrolysis Warning and instructions for checking your cooling system.   60kb



  1. Hi I recently purchased the techsport world challenge Ford Focus but would like to run your style intake manifold from the Mazda 6 do you guys produce that piece or know where I could purchase it?

    Thanks Jamie

  2. Jamie, that was a part made by or for Jim Thompson specific for the Mazda touring cars. He worked for or owned Sunbelt Engines. I do not know of his whereabouts at this time.

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