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AWR has been involved in the development of the new 2006 Mazda MX-5 along with MAZDASPEED and many other vendors, for the new Mazda MX-5 Cup series. The new Mazda MX-5 Cup replaces the old Mazdaspeed Miata Cup, and will exclusively feature 2006 Mazda MX-5 cars run with a spec racing kit available through Mazdaspeed. Unlike previous iterations of the Miata Cup, which featured regionalized Championships, the 2006 season will feature a full nationwide Drivers’ Championship.

AWR helped initially to develop the concept car. The concept was built to develop interest in the new series while details were sorted out.

Following the concept car, two initial race prototypes were built and raced in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Here, the initial roll cage design was put to the ultimate test. You never want to wreck, but we had a great first hand test of the new roll bar after one of the new MX-5's rolled four times. Read the story of the Thunderhill 25 hour race.

There a gallery of photos at the end of the story. Ffirst at the track. The second is evaluating the damage back at the shop. The final roll cage, can now be purchased through

Here is a small gallery of images of the new Mazda Spec MX-5 suspension parts.

MX-5 Cup parts, available through MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS are shown below.

Description Part Number Quantity Notes
2006-2007 MX-5      
Front Sachs Damper 0000-04-5254 1  
Rear Sachs Damper 0000-04-5255 1  
Front Damper Mount Kit 0000-04-5258 1  
Rear Damper Mount Kit 0000-04-5259 1  
Front Spring <0000-04-9700-08 2  
Rear Spring Set 0000-04-9400-07 2  
Sway Bar Set GRMS-8M-D16 1  
Front End Links 0000-04-5499 2  
Rear End Links 0000-04-5498 2  
Oil Cooler Kit <0000-01-5100-KT 1  
Air Intake 0000-06-5150-KT 1  
Exhaust/Silencer 0000-06-5427 1  
Header 0000-06-5407 1  
Competition Aluminum Radiator 0000-01-5550 1  
Pressure Plate 0000-02-5405-AC 1  
Clutch Disc - 4-puck unsprung 0000-02-5415-AC 1  
Stainless Steel Brake Lines 0000-03-5212 1  
Brake Duct Kit 0000-03-5301 1  
Front Brake Pads - Blue 0000-03-5104-H3 1 Hawk Blue
Front Brake Pads - HT-10 0000-03-5104-10 1 Hawk HT-10
Front Brake Pads - DTC-60 0000-03-5104-60 1 Hawk DTC-60
Rear Brake Pads - Blue 0000-03-5114-H3 1 Hawk Blue
Rear Brake Pads - HT-10 0000-03-5114-10 1 Hawk HT-10
Interior Panel Kit 0000-07-5802 1  
AIM MXL Data Bracket 0000-07-5804 1  
Rear Spoiler NF51-V4-920G-XX 1 Replace XX with Color Code
** Color Codes PZ-Brilliant Black(A3F), 11-True Red(A4A), 12-Stormy Blue(35J), 19-Icy Blue (33Y), 67-Sunlight Silver(22v), 71-Marble White(A5M), 74-Copper Red(32V), 77-Highland Green(35K), 87-Velocity Red(27A), 91-Galaxy Grey(32S), 94-Winning Blue(27B), 97-Nordic Green(27C)
Sealed Crate Engine 0000-01-5005-KT 1  
6-Speed Transmission P601-03-000 1  
3-4 Shift Fork 0000-02-5701 1  

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