Scavenger - story as told by Harry Woodford

A few shots of my dad's early 1958-1962 old scavenger racing cars that he built and raced. The funny little open wheeler is a formula junior, and the other enclosed wheel car is the scavenger. They may have all been scavengers, but I relate to this one as the scavenger.

“Myself and Bill Hayes designed and built a car to race in what was know as Canada Class. It specified various rules and price limits on the donor car.

We chose VW rear suspension and Morris Minor front, both with adjustable torsion bars; Ford 100E engine for it's proven reliability, VW trans which we turned upside down to lower the engine and added 1-1 top gear. We gained a lot of experience with this car. We then thought that the Canada class was not competitive enough so decided to go to Formula Junior. We were going to go independent rear suspension so the only choice, at that time, was Fiat 500 trans, build our own arms, drive shafts and hub carriers, Herald front uprights and disc brakes and even widening our own steel wheels. This is the car with Dunlop R6's on.

We then decided to go sports racing, building to international specs. At that time, it included a passenger seat and spare wheel. This time we went with 105E 1100, installing all the mods we could find.

The next year we purchased a Holbay (Ford) 1100 and a Hewland 5 speed that didn’t have enough room for a reverse gear.

All these cars used welded steel round tube for chassis and suspension; all were gas welded (never a failure).

I guess we were one of the first Canadian mid-engine race car builders.

This car was never crashed and was sold to a Quebec motor sport fan.”

All this 1960-1965
Harry & Dad




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