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Ultraclean Nozzles

The Ultra Clean Tube Cleaning Nozzles

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  • Ultra Clean Nozzles are engraved with part number and company name for quick and easy identification.
  • Custom nozzles made to order with quick turn-a-round time.
  • Tube nozzles are capable of cleaning larger wall thickness than our competitor.
  • Smooth aerodynamic internals for easy firing of projectiles.
  • Nozzle tip and Ultra Clean projectile load end designed and engineered for ease of use.

Ultra Clean Nozzles

The four stock types are:

  • • Hose: The hose nozzle is inserted into the ID of the hose. Hose nozzles also work on pipe, heavy walled tubing and many coupling configurations. It is our most popular nozzle.
  • • JIC: The JIC nozzle has a male flare at the top that will mate against the female JIC on hose & tube assembies.
  • • Tube: There is a stop on the inside of the tube nozzle that will form an airtight seal when the tube is fully inserted into the nozzle.
  • • FFORX: Special nozzles designed to accommodate -4 Flat Face O-Ring style fittings. These fittings may be referred to as Face Seal, Seal Lok or FFORX