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Usage Instructions

The Ultra Clean Tube Cleaning Nozzles

See the System, Ultra Clean Nozzles, Available Kits, Effects of Contamination, Usage Instructions

Air Source

The UC-EL is supplied with a 1/2" quick release coupling and plug for easy air connection to the launcher. The recommended air pressure is 85 psi min to 140 psi max. The air source should always be regulated to the correct pressure and filtered to insure contaminate free air.

Dirty air will re-contaminate your hose, tube or pipe.

    1. Unscrew the 1/4 turn locking ring from the firing head.

    2. Load the Ultra Clean Projectile into the nozzle and screw the 1/4 turn locking ring back onto the firing head.

    3. Connect the supplied quick release coupling to a 1/2" ID air hose. Then connect the quick release coupling onto the launcher.

    4. Insert the nozzle into your hose, tube or pipe and depress the trigger. Keep trigger depressed until the Ultra Clean Projectile exits the hose, tube or pipe that you are cleaning.