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Effects of Contamination

The Ultra Clean Tube Cleaning Nozzles

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  • Effects of Contamination

    The Fluid Power Industry has struggled to eliminate contamination in hydraulic systems for years. Manufacturers are publishing oil cleanliness standards for their machinery and components. They are mandating conformance and rejecting warranty claims on the basis of contamination. These very same components are on your and your customers' hydraulic equipment and machinery. Research has proven that clean oil and a clean hydraulic system are the keys to longer system life and less downtime. But what happens to the clean oil once it travels through newly installed hose and tube assemblies? The particles or contamination left behind from the cutting, crimping, bending and flaring process are a real problem. THEY MUST BE REMOVED! So, lets make this simple! 80% of hydraulic system failures can be eliminated by the installation of clean hose and tube assemblies. This process starts with you the hydraulic hose and tube fabricator and fluid power distributor.

  • Do you care about Contamination?

    Unfortunately, there are far too many customers for hydraulic hose and tube assemblies who don't know about the detrimental effects that contaminated hose and tube assemblies will have on their hydraulic components and systems. They do know about downtime and the related costs that a failed hydraulic system will have on the job. Remember, 80% of all hydraulic failures are preventable. Clean hoses and tubes will not contaminate a hydraulic system. All customers care about contamination because of what it will cost them in the long run if it is not removed.

    The Contamination removal process

It's simple, the Ultra Clean Launchers and Nozzles fire an Ultra Clean Projectile that is sized 20% to 30% larger than the I.D. of your hose or tube. The Ultra Clean Projectile strips out the internal contamination as it travels through couplings and around bends, forcing the contamination out in front of it. Now your clean oil will stay clean as it reaches those expensive components, preventing failures and extending system and filter life.