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Protégé 5 Note: The Protégé5 is based upon the Protégé ES platform. All items mentioned for use with Protégé, will work equally as well on Protégé 5.

One of AWR's specialties is suspension tuning. You'll find a plethora of suspension components to make your Protégé handle better than the rest.


Built for the 1999 and 2000 Mazda Protégés running in SCCA's Showroom Stock C class. Front and rear coil-over strut units for the Protégé ES-R trunk package. Includes re-valved, re-machined Bilstein cartridge, spring saddle, Eibach 7"x325 lb. front spring or 8"x600 lb. rear spring, Eibach helper spring and new upper strut mount and bearing. These have a fixed ride height and are available through MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development under the following part numbers:

Right Front 0000-04-3251-KT $550

Left Front 0000-04-3252-KT $550

Right Rear 0000-04-3253-KT $480

Left Rear 0000-04-3254-KT $480


A version of these, modified for street use, were used in the Protégé' 5 pace car for Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca and are available in a kit through AWR or Protégé5online for approximately $1450.00. This kit includes completely new, stronger strut tubes with threaded collars for ride height adjustability, shortened front Bilsteins, 10"x 275 lb. front springs and 10" x 325 lb. rear springs. Call Mazda at 800-435-2508 to order.

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Complete strut package, optimized for harsh rally conditions. $2299.00

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AWR fabricates a 3/4" (19mm) rear sway bar the 1995-2001 Protege'. It has a wall thickness of .20".

AWR fabricates a 3/4" (19mm) rear sway bar the 1995-2001 Protege'. It has a wall thickness of .20".

Included with 19mm or 21.5mm sway bar kits

REAR 19mm Sway Bars 1995-2003 Protégé

AWR fabricates a 3/4" (19mm) 2 way adjustable rear sway bar the 1995-2003 Protégé. It has a wall thickness of .20". #0000-04-3302 and a fully adjustable version with stronger, adjustable end links, #0000-04-3302-FA.

These sway bar kits also fit the 1995-98 model Protégé ES's with the 10.5" end links. This end link, Mazda part number LC62-34-170, available to racers through MAZDASPEED's Team Support program, or directly from Mazda dealers. To fit on DX or LX Protégé's, you'll need rear struts, either stock or aftermarket, for a Protégé ES. The stock rear struts on the DX and LX, (and possibly other brands) do not have a tab to connect the sway bar end link to. This is only welded on the stock ES struts. If your aftermarket strut housings do have this tab, then the sway bar will fit your car too, with the proper end links.

The sway bar brackets shown below left, are included.

19mm bar without end links
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19mm fully adjustable bar with adjustable end links
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Quick + end link info - 160kb

Step by step installation instructions for 19mm only - 320kb

21.5mm SWAY BARS 1995-2003 Protégé

There is also a 7/8" (21.5mm) fully adjustable bar available with a wall thickness of .20". This stiffer bar requires stronger end links which are included and are adjustable. This is available for any of the Protégé's, but there is a special one for MP3 and MAZDASPEED. #0000-04-3303

21.5mm fully adjustable bar with adjustable end links
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21.5mm fully adjustable bar with adjustable end links specifically for MP3 and MAZDASPEED Protégé
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There is now an optional adjustable end link kit available too.


Adjustable link for .750" and .875" sway bars. Included with 21.5mm bar. Replaces weak stock links and offers ability to adjust the preload on the sway bar. A must for driving enthusiasts.

FRONT End link kit
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REAR End link kit
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Modified (reinforced) stock front subframe - the brace running under the motor that picks up the front lower motor mount and bolts to the radiator support. A good addition for those who are experiencing motor movement and excess wheel hop in autocrossing or drag racing. Not recommended for street purpose. This is a modified stock unit, powder coated black.

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Adjustable strut tower brace in aluminum or carbon fiber. click for detail


We make adjustable front strut tower braces for 1995-2002 Protégé. We have them available with a polished, round aluminum tube, or out of carbon fiber. Both have threaded aluminum ends which connect to powder coated steel end plates.

See all the styles!
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We do sell the individual parts of our coil over kits for the Protégé, shown on the left. AWR manufactures new strut tubes to it's own high standards, with stronger materials than OEM. AWR uses a threaded body and includes matching threaded collars which act as the lower spring perch. This provides ride height adjustability. Available for 1995-2003 Protégé. We also carry Bilstein inserts, some which are modified for lowered vehicles, that fit our strut tubes.

Strut Tubes with threaded collars
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Bilstein Inserts
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For use with Stock shaft size


AWR upper strut mount - adjustable, with 4130 aluminum plate with spherical bearing, and integral upper spring perch.

Rear adjustable upper strut mounts (stock shaft size)
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