At AWR, we pride ourselves in craftsmanship. Not only do our products work well, but they also look good. You won't find a weld that looks like a "bird dropping on a fence". Whether it's our exhausts or radiators, every weld is beautiful. We take our time to craft our products. Listen to this exhaust. MP3 format.


Custom Exhaust Fabrication

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AWR has been called upon many times by Mazda North American Operations to help build stunning Show Cars or Pace Cars. Mazda understands AWR's commitment to quality and excellence.

When an auto manufacturer puts their cars on display, it's their reputation on the line and they need the cars to be show quality perfect. AWR understands this, and is able to complete sometimes secret projects quickly and with amazing attention to detail. You can instantly appreciate the work that goes into these cars when you see one of them in person.

Sometimes the project may simply be fabricating and installing a safety cage, or can entail a full build, including race suspension, safety harnesses, lights, etc.

No matter if the car is destined for show or track, AWR puts the same attention to detail and build quality in everything we build. We don't do anything, just for show, even if that's all that's required.

Click here to see a nice gallery of our custom fabricated exhausts.