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WARNING: It has been brought to our attention that Zerex Supercleaner from Valvoline may corrode our radiators. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid using this or similar products to clean aluminum radiators made by AWR.


Two versions of this All aluminum, bolt in replacement radiator are available for the 1995-2002 Mazda Protege'. One version is a great improvement over the stock design, when used in most racing applications at near stock power levels - Part number 0000-01-3501.

The other model is for higher output engines, such as those used in the World Challenge cars - Part number 0000-01-3502.

Both models feature fin arrangements which are optimized over the stock design, providing superior cooling benefits.

Both of these radiators are available through MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development Call them at 800-435-2508 to order.

A High Performance radiator hose kit is also available through AWR as an upgrade to these radiators.

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