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AWR is aware there are other companies now out there which are selling 'pretty' engine mounts, that are cheaper than our mounts. While we strive to make a nice looking product, function is our primary goal.

These other mounts, while shiny and pretty, use a really soft urethane bushing, which will not come close to stopping your driveline lash.

If you just want your hidden mounts to be pretty, then you can buy the other mounts, but if you truly want a performance mount, then there is no substitute for the AWR mount with stiff urethane bushings.

Urethane engine mounts reduce drive line lash caused by stock rubber mounts which are too soft. Gives tighter more precise shifting and better throttle response.

Made for the 1999-2002 Protege 1.8 & 2.0, these mounts replace the left and right engine mounts (near radiator and firewall, not left and right of vehicle).