AWR Project Spec Miata

AWR Racing, in cooperation with Racing Cages, Inc, has prepared many pace and safety cars for Mazda North American Operations. Most of them have been for use at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, but many have been used at various race events around the country. If you've seen a Mazda pace car in the last 6 or 7 years, it's more than likely we've built it.

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Vehicle construction  

Cost of build to date:

Item Cost Supplier
1990 stock Miata $750.00 Private Party
Spec Miata Suspension $1198.00 MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS
New Stock Long Block 1.6 engine $2245.00 delivered MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS
Roll Cage $1999.00
Evo Sparco Drivers Seat $639.00
Impact Saftey Harness ?
Wheels ?
Tires ?
Window Net ?
Steering wheel quick disconnect $249.00
Master switch $49.00
Sparco Steering Wheel $209.00
Aluminum interior work 900.00
Rebuilt transmission $500.00
Rebuilt differential $250.00
Total So Far $8988.00
AWR Racing has recently purchased a donor Miata to build into a Spec Miata for the rapidly growing Spec Miata class.

AWR has long been the supplier of the "spec" coil over hardware kit that is used in the Spec Miata class and sold exclusively through MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development.

The class is very popular now with well over 1000 cars already built. The cars are very reliable and many are racing with over 200,000 miles on them.

We are going to be building this car and taking notes along the way. We have started taking pictures and now have the beginnings of a photo gallery of the build up. We will list all of the parts purchased and their prices, so that you can see how inexpensively a car can be built. At the end of our build up, the car will be sold. We may decide to sell it through auction at eBay, or directly to a customer. We have not yet decided. If you are interested, send us an E-mail.

Donor Miatas can usually be purchased fairly cheaply, with 1990-93 1.6 liter cars coming in under $3000. It's said that you can build a car, including the price of the car for under $10,000. You'll pay more if you have it built, due to the labor involved.

Our inexpensive Miata came to us through an unlucky customer. The early 1.6 cranks had a short nose crankshaft, which could break off. If the woodruff key isn't insterted all the way back in, after performing maintainence such as timing belt changes, the woodruff key can start to rock in it's groove, causing stress on the nose and eventually breakage. Our customer had such misfortune.

Unlucky for him, but lucky for us to be able to get a donor car inexpensively. This does mean that we will need a new engine though.

Mazda has developed an updated crank with additional pieces, that can be replaced and to have the problem again. With labor though, this can sometimes be nearly as much as a factory rebuilt engine, or, for racers enrolled in the MAZDASPEED Motorsports program, as much as a NEW 1.6 liter engine. Racers, who can prove they are building a car for racing, and subsequently provide two race results per year, can purchase competition and stock parts direct from Mazda at a tremendous savings. Usually around 40-60% off what you'd pay retail.

AWR will opt for a brand new bone stock 1.6 liter engine. During the next few days that we have to spend on our project car, we will evaluate what all needs to be done, and start disassembling the car. We will shoot pictures of every step along the way, and even create a video of the process.

Check back here for (hopefully) weekly updates....

If you have any specific questions, be sure to send us an E-mail.