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AWR's Project Spec Miata | Initial Inspection

close_up_of_master_cylinder jeff_taking_off_the_wheelss close_up can_you_grab_this moving_to_the_back
Close up of master cylinder
Jeff taking off the wheelss
close up
Can you grab this
Moving to the back
pict1564 front_brake_and_suspension tony__pointing_out_what_w_a this_shock_will_be_replaced brian__filming_tony_as_he_a
Passenger Fender looking back
Front brake and suspension
Tony, pointing out what will be changed out.
This shock will be replaced
Brian, filming Tony as describes the work ahead.
the_end_links_will_be_rep_a the_sway_bar_brackets_wil_a close_up_of_stock_suspensio close_up_of_stock_rear_su_a close_up_of_sway_bar_end__a
The end links will be replace with adjustable end links made by AWR, which are allowed in Spec Miata
The sway bar brackets will be checked for cracks and replaced if necessary. AWR makes reinforced sway bar brackets, but unfortunately, they're not allowed in Spec Miata.
Close up of stock suspension
Close up of stock rear suspension
Close up of sway bar end link.