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AWR's Project Spec Miata | Initial Inspection

boom_box_with_bad_speaker_a pretty_decent_interior._g_a side_view_of_interior seats_and_console towards_dash
Boom box with bad speaker
Pretty decent interior.
Side view of interior
Seats and console
Towards dash
fairly_new_top_for_sale.__a top_for_sale._minor_scrat_a side_view_of_top inside_of_top._call_us_if_a jacking_it_up
Fairly new top for sale. E-mail us if you're interested
Top for sale. Minor scratches on rear window.
Side view of top
Inside of top. E-mail us if you're interested
Jacking it up
that_s_tony_ front_on_jack_stands rear_jacked_up rear_on_jack_stands leaky_master_cylinder
That's Tony!
Front on jack stands
Rear jacked up
Rear on jack stands
Leaky master cylinder