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When SCCA allowed the rotary into Formula Atlantic to campaign against the piston motors of the toyota 1600 twin cam and the Ford BDA motors. AWR and Mazda comp along with Drummond Engines produced a swift DB/4 chassis to evaluate the possibilities of running a 12A Bridgeport engine in a semi stressed environment. As this project came to life but before it could be seriously campaigned it was restricted in throttle venturi size. The SCCA succumb to unjustified horsepower rumors and reduced our venturis from 36 m.m. to 34 m.m. with out altering the power output of the Toyota. At this point the antiquated BAD motor was not capable of running with either Toyota or Mazda engines.

Lately the SCCA has come to their senses and reinstated our 36 m.m. venturis. This has seriously upset our main Ford BDA engine builder to which he has written to the SCCA to have the rotary engine eliminated from both Formula Atlantic and C. S. Racers. Though the rotary powered chassis is in small quantity in Formula Atlantic, it is a main stay in C sports racers.

This is the following paragraph in the January 2003 issue of Sports Car Magazine. Page F-5 # 7 Formula category." Eliminate Mazda Rotary motors from CSR and FA [Jennings]" the SCCA replied that the current engine rules are correct for the series.

For those of you who feel as strongly to this absurd remark, please show your feelings by writing to the SCCA and voicing your opinion.

And yes, just call us and we will send out decals to run on your car or wherever you wish.

Thank You,

Tony, AWR