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Product Line General Description Optimal Temp Range Applications


Medium torque compound designed to be a good, all-purpose low-cost racing pad.

100F - 900F 38C - 482C

Dirt circle track, dune buggy, and light duty road racing applications





BLUE 9012

Medium/High torque brake compound. Low pad and rotor wear with good brake modulation.

250F - 1000F 121C - 538C

Road racing and Rally applications where low to mid temperature effectiveness is critical






High torque with a smooth initial bite.  Excellent modulation, consistent pedal, good release characteristics.

300F -1600F 149C -871C

NASCAR, Busch Grand National, Super Truck, Hooter's Cup










HPS - High Performance Street

Hawk Performance HPS compound provides advanced braking characteristics to enhance your driving experience.  This unique compound combines the safety and quality of Aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports.



Extremely low dust

High friction/torque hot or cold

Gentle on rotors

Virtually noise-free

Much improved braking over OE

Long extended pad life

HP +

HP PLUS - High Performance Street PLUS Race Worthy

Hawk Performance HP PLUS compound can take the heat at the Track and get you home safely without having to change your brake pads in and out.  This compound was designed for the serious street and autocross enthusiast.  Warning!  Due to the dramatic friction levels produced by this product to achieve "race-level" braking; rotor wear, noise, dust, and pad wear may be increased.



Extremely high friction output

Race worthy for autocross

Race worthy for club racing events

Elevated temperature resistance