Calling all “1 bolt” Explorers

AWR Racing’s Ford Explorer differential mount is back in stock. Grab yours now!

Made in the USA. Laser cut and CNC folded steel unit, tig welded. Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, powder coated unit.


  • 2020 + Ford Explorer ST
  • 2020 + Ford Explorer XLT/Platinum

This mount can also be installed on all “2 bolt” Explorers for extra support and security during hard launches.

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Must Have Miata Tow Hooks

YouTube: DriveItRyan

Plan on tracking your Miata soon? Check out AWR Racing’s SCCA legal Miata tow hooks. 100% made in the USA, easy instillation.

Available in orange powder coat or nickel finish.




YouTube install by DriveItRyan:

Explorer ST differential mounts shipping 5.10.22

It’s Monday, that means we are one week closer to the ship date of our Ford Explorer ST differential mount! 1 bolt or 2, this mount is a must have for every Explorer ST owner.

Feel the support of this mount day in and day out on your ST. Lifetime warranty is provided for the steel fabricated unit! 100% made in the USA. Laser cut and CNC folded, tig welded, Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings & powder coated for a very durable finish. NO DRILLING REQUIRED!

Hop in on the pre-order to secure one of these gems today.

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Ford Explorer ST Differential Mount by AWR Racing

AWR Racing is beyond excited to release our highly requested Ford Explorer ST rear differential mount. This mount is proudly made in the USA. Designed, machined, built, tested, and shipped from San Diego, California. This one of a kind laser cut and CNC folded part is tig welded at our headquarters, provided with 88 durometer Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, and powder coated gloss black or gloss red for a very durable finish.  

Why is this part beneficial? Initially Ford mounted the rear differential with 4 large rubber bushings but eliminated the right rear bushing during production of the ST and base model vehicles. Why? Maybe it was a cost cutting procedure but over the years it has created traction launching issues, durability issues, as well as hardware failures for many ST owners. With the possibility of the OEM bolt breaking, this could contribute to a huge and expensive fix. Solve all these problems and worries with AWR Racing’s differential mount.  

AWR’s design is easy to install. There is no drilling or modifications of the subframe or differential housing required! This mount comes complete and ready to install with all hardware included. No lift or jack is required, install this in your garage with the correct tools and you are good to go! 

Included with order: 

  • Gloss black or Gloss red AWR Racing differential mount
  • Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings in 88 durometer
  • Nickel plated nut plate
  • Installation hardware
  • Installation guide

This diff mount is a must have for every Explorer ST owner. There is no substitute for the quality, design, and benefits this piece transfers to your vehicle. Feel the support, smoother launches, security, and additional benefits once the mount is installed. 


2020 – 2022 Ford Explorer ST

Note* AWR Racing’s diff mount can also be used on 2020 and early 2021 ST’s with all 4 bushings for added strength during hard launches/acceleration. 

Lifetime warranty on steel fabricated unit.

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Miata Engine Mounts

Did you know AWR Racing offers engine mounts for all model Miata’s?

AWR Racing, INC has been producing Miata engine mounts since the 90’s. We are the originators of high performance Miata motor mounts. These mounts have been proven for years, created by motorsport enthusiasts for other enthusiasts to enjoy just as much, if not more.

All of our engine mounts are proudly made in the USA.
Designed, machined, built, and shipped from San Diego, California!

See our Miata engine mount product list below, and let us know if you have any questions!

Miata NA/NB

1990 – 1993 1.6 Miata Motor Mount kit

1990 – 1993 Mazda Miata lowered motor mount set

1990 – 1993 1.6 Miata Passenger Side Motor Mount

1990 – 1993 1.6 Miata Drivers Side Motor Mount

1994 – 2000 Miata Motor Mount Kit

1994 – 2000 Miata Lowered Motor Mount Kit

1994 – 2000 Miata Passenger Side Motor Mount

1994 – 2000 Miata Drivers Side Motor Mount

2001 – 2005 Mazda Miata Motor Mount kit

2001 – 2005 Mazda Miata Lowered Motor Mount kit

2001 – 2005 Miata Passenger Side Motor Mount

2001 – 2005 Miata Drivers Side Motor Mount


2006 – 2015 MX5 NC Engine Mount Kit

2006 – 2015 MX5 NC Engine Mount Kit w/ 2.5 Motor


2016 – 2018 MX5 motor mount set

2019-2020 MX5 motor mount set

ND MX5 complete mount kit for an aftermarket exhaust header

For all other Miata products, check out our store!

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Our Crew

AWR (Anthony Woodford Racing) offers high performance aftermarket products, incomparable custom prototyping, racecar engineering, and restoration services to automotive manufacturers, car enthusiasts, racers and collectors.

Tony Woodford learned his craft from an old-world master… from restoring vintage sports cars and building one-off aluminum prototypes, to forming compound curves, molding fiberglass and carbon, and redesigning vintage racecars to compete against technologically advanced models, he developed technical expertise and meticulous fabrication skills that would be sought after by premiere auto racing operations and enthusiasts.

In 1986 Tony focused on the auto-racing field, joining various SCCA Racing Teams, including Overton Autosport — an IMSA GTU team. From 1989 to 1993, he worked with Nissan Performance Technology, which fielded a successful GTP Team with drivers such as Chip Robinson and Geoff Brabham. This was followed by heavy involvement with Formula Atlantic Professional teams.

Tony founded AWR in 1995, and quickly developed a relationship with MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development, a division of Mazda North American Operations, developing various parts for the grassroots racing industry. He then designed and prototyped a rotary powered Formula Atlantic racecar, creating a powerful, efficient, and affordable rotary solution to compete with Toyota power plants. There are now several Rotary-Powered Atlantic’s campaigning in the Sports Car Club of America.

AWR is now concentrating growth on advanced aftermarket performance products, race car engineering, and restoration. Under Tony’s watchful eye, and uncompromising standards AWR Racing, Incorporated makes many products for Mazda’s, Fords, and several more vehicles.

AWR Racing is a family owned company. All of our products are proudly made in the USA – San Diego, California specifically! Tony designs all of our products which are street and track tested. After testing, we move onto production parts. Our products are laser cut, CNC folded, and machined in California. Colin Woodford oversees all of our fabrication and welding processes which are done in house. Our engine mounts are provided with Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings in 4 different durometer options that can be swapped out or replaced at any time to suit driver needs. The parts are then sent to our local powder coaters for a super durable finish. We back all of our parts up with a lifetime warranty on the steel fabricated unit!

Our design is what we believe in, what we created, and our passion. Our products are designed to suit daily drivers, modified drivers, autox, track builds and everything in between. The AWR Racing family greatly appreciates your support!

Meet our crew: