Updated Store

Check out our new Store. We have finally integrated the store so that it’s more a part of our regular site that a separate entity. The menu bars will change within the store to give you tools you need the most.  Please forgive any interface weirdness you might experience over the next few weeks as we tweak the design to make it much more user friendly and functional.

Check it out.

New Website

As many longer time visitors to awrracing.com will see, we have been making some extensive upgrades to our website.

Our site had grown to over 2000 pages and was very difficult to find what you were looking for. We are almost done with the look, while further refinement of the menus will continue. We’re hoping to make it easier and quicker for you to find the product or story you’re looking for.

Please take our poll on our new site design, or let us know in the comments below what you think.

New Online Store

Racing Cages is pleased to announce the combining of our online store with the AWR Racing online store.

As many may know, Racing Cages is an AWR owned company. We are combining our online stores to make it easier for you to shop for everything you need in one place.

You can visit this section of our online store directly by clicking here.

Racing Cages still maintains our own website and product information.

New website

Racing Cages is pleased to announce our new website.

We are still finalizing the look, but most if the functionality is now here.

You can now comment on our products and stories and subscribe to our rss feed to keep updated on new information.

Congratulations – Team MER Wins NASA 25 Hour

AWR Racing would like to congratulate Team MER on their fine effort at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

ES Car:
It’s an MX-5 Cup car that’s been upgraded a bit with a Koni-Challenge fuel cell, RX8 Brakes, Differential, Axles, Hubs and Uprights, and Hoosier racing slicks on 18″ wheels. It ran a completely stock MX-5 engine and transmission!

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New AWR News Blog

AWR is making some big changes to it’s website. You may notice some oddities with some of the pages while we work to add new features first, then update our look.

The first new thing is this fancy news blog. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to find out the latest racing news and AWR New Parts News. You can always see the latest info by clicking the NEWS BLOG link at the top or right of the page your on.

Please bear with us while we make our updates. On the to do list is a full new look and a new store.