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Here are a couple QuickTime movies to show a little of what we do.

Just a short clip showing us turning the Mazda6 to work on the bottom.
Link to new movie

This is our latest movie, showcasing a little of everything we do.

Link to AWR's Formula Atlantic Movie

This was our first little movie, which was later expanded above. This shows the Formula Atlantic doing many successive runs on the Dyno.

Download the latest version of QuickTime

Microsoft recently left out support for Netscape style plug-ins for Internet Explorer 5.1, 5.5, and 6.0, trying to 'encourage' everyone to use Active-X plug-ins instead. If you have downloaded QuickTime before and it doesn't work on these links, Apple has updated the Windows version of QuickTime, to work with the Active-X plug-in. Just download and re-install it by clicking the logo above.

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