3-Point Upper Strut Brace

TRIANGULATED / 3 POINT FRONT UPPER STRUT BRACE Made from 1.00″ x .095 wall D.O.M. tubing and tig welded. Available powder coated in black or silver. Requires some modification to install. 2 x 10 mm holes must be drilled into firewall for installation. Cruise control pod in engine compartment must be slightly re-located. Fits all 1999-2003 Proteges, MS Proteges, P5 and MP3. Available to order now. Should be available in June.

Protege 3 Point Strut Tower Bar
Protege 3 Point Strut Tower Bar

New Online Store

Racing Cages is pleased to announce the combining of our online store with the AWR Racing online store.

As many may know, Racing Cages is an AWR owned company. We are combining our online stores to make it easier for you to shop for everything you need in one place.

You can visit this section of our online store directly by clicking here.

Racing Cages still maintains our own website and product information.