International AllSTars Mazda Miata 3

For years, people have wondered about sibling rivalry. At International AllStars, a set of triplets compete for the number one spot. Like most triplets, these Miatas are built identically, but each one has it’s own unique personality. Here with us is number 3. The show car. I bet the track 1 and drift 2 are a little jealous right about now, but they all look uniquely similar. Just pretend #s 1 and 2 are here.

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New Miata Seat Frames

Miata Seat Frame with Sparco Slider Pattern

AWR is proud to announce the immediate availability of our Seat Frame for the 1990-2005 Miata for use with the Sparco Seat Slider Pattern.

This frame is for cars that have had the rear seat stand-off removed. Frame rail will bolt through floor pan. This setup is used when more head room is required and the seat needs to be as low as possible. Can be used without seat sliders. Comes in natural metal finish.

Get it at the AWR Store now.

Sale on Miata Interior Panel Kit

1990-2005 Miata Interior Panel Kit
1990-2005 Miata Interior Panel Kit

Our Miata 9-piece Aluminum Interior Panel kit is now on sale. Regularly $349.95, it’s on sale for $275.00.

Designed to comply with SCCA safety rule which states, “In any automobile where allowed removal of upholstery, seat belts, etc., creates an opening between the driver/passenger compartment and an exposed gas tank, or part thereof, including the filler tube, a metal bulkhead which completely fills such opening shall be installed. See GCR 9.3.26”

Check it out at our store now.

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Photos from MazFest 2009

Enjoy a few photos from AWR’s presence at MazFest 2009 at the Auto Club Speedway, formerly California Speedway. Shown here are our Mazdaspeed3 AWD and the new test vehicle for the Super Spec Miata which is now supercharged instead of turbocharged.

New Camber Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms for Miata

AWR Camber Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arm for Miata
AWR Camber Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arm for Miata

The title almost says it all.  AWR is proud to announce our New Rear Upper Control arms with eccentrics on the outer position for camber adjustability. These allow for camber to be adjusted in or out for different situations. Get rid of unwanted camber when lowering vehicle and running on slicks or increase camber when desired.

Control arms are sold in pairs and available 4 ways.

Bare arms with eccentrics, washers and nuts – no bushings.

Arms as above, but with the addition of 6 Mazda Competition 40% stiffer bushings.

Arms, eccentrics, bolts, washers and Delrin bushings for only the outer position on control arms (no inner bushings)

Arms, eccentrics, bolts, washers and Delrin bushings for all six positions, inner and outer for the control arm.

AWR is also able to supply matching bushings for the rest of your control arms in any style if required. Visit the Miata Suspension section of our store today to order your set.

NATIONAL 6CREW MAZDA6 FEST 2009 LAUNCH is announcing the launch of  the Official National 6Crew Mazda6 Fest 2009 which will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the 6Crew Mazda6 Fest, you can look forward to joining other Mazda6 owners on an oval track, a drag strip and a road course. In addition, over the multi-day event, there will be amusement and water parks as well as camping and/or hotel stays.

All information is posted at the forum, at this address,