Q: Who should I contact with questions concerning our products?

A: For all AWR products, you may contact us directly by e-mail or phone at 760-598-9782. Please contact the individual manufacturers directly with questions concerning items from other manufacturers.


Q: Is it possible to alter, add, or change a item I see on AWR Racing?

A: Many items on our site can be special ordered and configured to your specifications. Such items are special orders and non-cancelable because they are being produced to your specifications. Production time for these items will be longer than regular items. You must contact us directly for custom configured items by e-mail or phone at 760-598-9782.


Q: What is the fastest way to find a particular product on AWR Racing, Inc.?

A: Use our convenient, cross-category, keyword search Quick Find feature. You can search by item number, model name or key word(s) describing the product. Also, you will find links to product categories located on the left side of your screen throughout your shopping experience.


Q: How often is the stock updated on AWR Racing, Inc.?

A: We are constantly adding to our expansive collection of products. By regularly updating our product lines we are able to supply you with seasonal favorites as well as the most current trends.


Q: If I subscribe to the AWR Racing, Inc. newsletter, will my e-mail address remain confidential? How often will I receive the newsletter?

A: Information such as account or credit card numbers and demographic information such as zip code, age, and income level are used only to send orders, our company newsletter and other e-mail promotions pertinent to the AWR Racing, Inc. site. This information is not shared with any outside parties. We generally do not send out newsletters, but may send out a notice of a sale once or twice per year.


Q: What shipping methods are available?

A: We currently offer a variety of expedited and standard delivery options.


Q: Is international shipping available? To what international destinations do you ship?

A: We currently ship to international addresses in a limited number of countries, all of which are listed in our International Shipping information.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: We currently accept most major credit cards,, money order, cashier’s check, and certified bank checks.


Q: Can I use more than one credit card to pay for my web order?

A: No, currently on the website we only accept one credit card number per web order. If you need to pay with multiple cards, please call us for more information.


Q: How do I know when my order has been received?

A: Once your order has been received, you will receive an e-mail from us. This e-mail confirms that we have received your order and it includes your order number. Keep this e-mail for your records.


Q: How do I know when my order has been shipped?

A: Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail from us. This e-mail confirms that your order or part of your order has shipped. You may receive multiple e-mails depending on the items you selected.


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: After you have clicked “Confirm Order,” your order begins to process and you cannot make any online changes to your order. To change or cancel your order prior to shipment, you must contact customer service. Please note that most orders process quickly and can enter the shipping process within minutes. If your order has already entered the shipping process, it cannot be changed or canceled.


Q: How can I track my order?

A: We do not release tracking numbers but we provide online tracking for your convenience. Just click on the “Track Your Order” link and you can track the status of your delivery with your order number. This feature is only available for UPS shipments.


Q: Can AWR Racing, Inc. provide me with my order’s tracking number so that I can track it myself?

A: It is our company policy that we do not release tracking numbers. We do provide online tracking for your convenience. Just login to your account and you can track the delivery status of any order.


Q: Can I ship to my office or another residential address even if it is different than my billing address?

A: While, you can ship to an office address, a residential address other than your billing address must be listed with your credit card company


Q: Are the product images on your site photographs of the actual merchandise?

A: Yes, all of the product images on AWR Racing, Inc. are images of our actual merchandise, unless stated otherwise.


Q: During the order and shipment process, when is my credit card billed?

A: Your credit card is billed when your order is received.


Q: Do I have to pay sales tax on my online purchase?

A: Since AWR Racing, Inc. is based in California, state law requires that we charge sales tax on orders shipped to customers residing in California. To customers residing in states other than California, please be aware that, if applicable, the taxing authorities in your state may charge you a “use” tax on your out-of-state internet and/or catalog purchases. While it is not the responsibility of AWR Racing, Inc. to charge or collect this “use” tax from you at this time, we are alerting our customers regarding this possibility as a courtesy. If you require further information on this issue, we suggest you contact the tax authorities in your state directly.


Q: Can I get a catalog of your product assortment sent to me?

A: You can only view the AWR Racing, Inc. product assortment online in our web store.



  1. Hello there

    Just a quick question, on the listing for the Engine Mount Kit – Mazda6 2003 – 2008 4 Cyl there is a selection for “Durometer” could you please explain what this is please, I have a stock 2004 Mazda 6 2.3lt 4 Cyl Sedan


  2. The 70 durometer bushings, which are recommended for the street. The 88 durometer bushings are a bit firmer, and the 95 durometer which are only recommended for racing. These are too hard for the street and may cause undesirable resonance in the car. For street applications, order the mounts with the 70 durometer bushings.

  3. I’m wanting to get you engine mount kit for my Mazda 6. It’s SKU: AWR-6301.03 on your website. My question is how do you select the durometer you want? I only see a color selection. I want the softer ones for street not the racing ones.

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