62 durometer bushings are available now!

At AWR Racing we use Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings in all of our engine mounts. We now have 4 different durometer options available!

Not sure what durometer to order? Send an email to ali@awrracing.com or use our new live chat feature on store.awrracing.com!

62 – 70 durometer is recommended for daily driving with little to no mods. 70 – 88 durometer is recommended for lightly to intermediate modification levels. 88 – 95 durometer is recommended for highly modified street and track builds. Don’t forget- you can always opt for a different durometer if your first choice doesn’t suit you needs, all of our bushings can be replaced!

62 durometer: ultra soft

70 durometer: soft

88 durometer: medium

95 durometer: hard

Replacement bushings: https://store.awrracing.com/engine-mount-bushing-replacement-2-0inch/

The Story of AWR Racing, “How did we get here.” 1st installment.

In memory of Harry Woodford. June 30th, 1932 – March 15th, 2020.

Harry Woodford leading the pack through Moss corner at Mosport.

Many of you may not know AWR Racing, Incorporated is a family owned company. AWR has been in business since 1995, but motorsports have been in our blood since 1960. Today, March 15th, 2021 we remember the multi-talented craftsmen, Harry Woodford. Harry, Tony’s father taught him everything he knows about racing, restoration, metal fabrication, and the automotive world.

Harry’s racing journey started in 1958 where he and Bill Hayes designed and built a car to race in what was known as Canada class. It specified various rules and price limits on the donor car.

They chose VW rear suspension and Morris Minor front, both with adjustable torsion bars; Ford 100E engine for it’s proven reliability, VW trans which was turned upside down to lower the engine and added 1-1 top gear. Mr. Woodford and Mr. Hayes gained a lot of experience with this car. They then thought that the Canada class was not competitive enough so decided to go to Formula Junior. Independent rear suspension was the only choice at that time. Fiat 500 trans, build their own arms, drive shafts and hub carriers, Herald front uprights, disc brakes, and even widening custom crafted steel wheels. They then decided to go into sports racing, building to international specs. At that time, it included a passenger seat and spare wheel. This time they went with 105E 1100, installing all the mods they could find. The next year they purchased a Holbay (Ford) 1100 and a Hewland 5 speed that didn’t have enough room for a reverse gear. All these cars used welded steel round tube for chassis and suspension; all were gas welded. Harry and Hayes were one of the first Canadian mid-engine race car builders. This car was never crashed and was sold to a Quebec motorsports fan.

Harry Woodford owned Monza Motors and was a British Layland dealer in Bronte, Ontario, Canada. Harry was very well known in racing and the MG restoration field. Dave Lawley, David Clubine, Phil Lamont, and Robert Mackenzie knew Harry through his restoration business, or were competitors of his at the track.

We remember Harry today, and everyday through the use of his equipment that was used to build the original scavengers. Tony Woodford imported Harry’s machinery from Canada to Southern California. We use these machines every day to keep our parts and restoration business rolling. We have a 1944 English Wheel that was built by Brown and Boggs in Hamilton, Ontario, A pair of Junior Niblers (metal shears), etc. And we use them to this day at our facility here in San Diego, California!

Stay tuned for the next segment of “How did we get here” The story of AWR Racing, Incorporated.

Thanks everyone for your continuous support of our families journey in the motorsports community.

Sincerely, the AWR family.

Passenger and transmission motor mounts are important too!

Have you updated your rear motor mount on your Ford Focus ST or RS?

A highly popular modification is definitely a rear motor mount to replace the sloppy OEM one… but if you think about it, all three motor mounts work together as a TEAM!

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, that being said shifting and wheel hop is reduced but not yet eliminated with just a rear mount. You have to build a solid foundation and even at lightly modified power levels the OEM mounts tend to wear out and fail fast. From what we have seen it’s not a matter of if with the Focus mounts, it’s a matter of when.

The three mounts together guarantee reliability and durability that the OEM pieces couldn’t dream of. If you are impressed with a rear motor mount, the other two will undoubtedly have you wishing you swapped them sooner!

Worried about NVH for daily driving? NO PROBLEM! All of AWR Racing’s polyurethane bushings are by Energy Suspension- what makes them so special? They can be swapped out at any time! Want a specific durometer? Just swap the bushings in your mount!

Made in the USA, tig welded, laser cut and CNC folded, provided with Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, powder coated for that durable finish! All steel units are provided with a limited lifetime warranty!

Ford Focus products by AWR Racing: https://store.awrracing.com/ford-focus/

Happy Holidays from our team here at AWR Racing!

AWR Racing is wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for continuing to support us throughout our 25 years in business. We couldn’t do it without the amazing support from all of you. You make the difference.

We are very excited for what’s to come in 2021. Stay tuned to our social media @awrracing for updates!

AWR Racing Mount Refurbishment

AWR is happy to introduce our highly requested mount refurbishment program. 


Have you had your AWR Racing mounts for awhile? You don’t need to purchase new mounts!

Send in your aged mounts to AWR Racing, 1280 Liberty Way, Suite A Vista, CA 92081 and we will refurbish them in these steps:

1. Once AWR has received the mount(s) we will inspect and disassemble them.

2. Mount(s) will be sandblasted.

3. We will re-inspect the mounts and look for any defects in the metal. If an issue is spotted the customer will be contacted. 

4. Product will be powder coated for that durable finish. 

5. Mount(s) will be assembled with new bushings. 

6. Tracking will be sent to customer and mount(s) will return to customer. 

Refurbishment levels:

Level one– 1 MOUNT refurbished 

Level two– 2 MOUNTS refurbished

Level three– 3 MOUNTS refurbished

Level four– 4 MOUNTS refurbished

Do you want a CUSTOM POWDER COAT COLOR? If interested, send ali@awrracing.com an email!

Mazda Speed 6 Passenger Side Mount

AWR Racing’s MazdaSpeed 6 passenger side mount

Highest quality, lowest prices. Best mounts around. Order here!

AWR Racing’s 5-star rated MS6 passenger side mount is provided with Energy Suspension solid urethane bushings. Optional durometers of 70, 88, and 95. More information about bushing hardness here.

What makes AWR mounts so cool? Bushings are replaceable! Want a different durometer? No problem! Replacement bushings can be ordered at store.awrracing.com

MazdaSpeed 6 passenger side mount is part of AWR Racing’s limited lifetime warranty.

This mount improves drive-line response by inhibiting drive-line lash, putting all the motion to the task of moving the car along.

Completely new fabricated and reinforced mount made of 7 gauge cold rolled steel. Laser cut and CNC folded. Mount is powder coated in the classic AWR silver and is made in the USA!

Available separately or in a complete mount kit.

5 star store review

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MazdaSpeed 6 Transmission Motor Mount

Do you own a Mazda Speed 6? AWR Racing’s Transmission Mount is a huge upgrade from OEM.

Want less wheel hop and slicker shifts? Look no further… AWR has you covered!

AWR Racing’s MazdaSpeed6 complete transmission mount is provided with the option of 70, 88, or 95 durometer solid urethane bushings. This improves drive line response by inhibiting driveline lash, putting all that motion to the task of moving the car along.

We recommend going no lower than 88 durometer for this specific product.

Order here!

$140 for a completely new fabricated and reinforced mount, fresh and durable powder coat, made in the USA, backed up with a limited lifetime warranty. Don’t miss out!

Highest quality, lowest prices. Best mounts around.

MS6 transmission mount product reviews: https://store.awrracing.com/mazdaspeed-6-transmission-mount/

For more MazdaSpeed 6 products, check out store.awrracing.com

Ford Focus ST and Ford Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mounts

Do you own a Ford Focus ST or Fiesta ST?

Sick of wheel hop? Want slicker shifts?

Look no further! AWR Racing Ford ST Rear Motor Mounts- Highest quality. Best prices.

Ford Fiesta ST RMM: https://store.awrracing.com/ford-fiesta-2009-2019-rear-motor-mount/

Ford Focus ST RMM: https://store.awrracing.com/2011-2018-ford-focus-st-engine-mount/

AWR Racing rear motor mounts are made in the USA, provided with Energy Suspension urethane bushings, and powder coated for that durable finish!

Never replace a mount again! Check out our limited lifetime warranty here!

What are you waiting for? store.AWRRACING.com