All Stars

AWR Racing, in cooperation with the International Allstars, Mazda, and several sponsors (shown to the left), has been working on a couple of new Mazda MX-5 Drift cars. Starting with bare, body in white tubs, AWR has completely built these cars from scratch.

Tony B. one of three drift drivers with team Allstars has a chance to introduce the new Mazda MX5 special built for drifting at the Grand Prix of Cleveland See a video interview.

Check out the photos of the build up in the gallery below.

Engine Specifications:
Capacity: 2.3L (2261cc)
Bore Size: 87.5mm
Stroke: 94mm
Power: 290BHP @ 8000 rpm
Torque: 200 ft - lb @ 5600 rpm
Fuel: VP C12 (108 octane)
Engine Block: Mazda MZR
Cylinder Head: Mazda MZR with Cosworth Port bore modification
Oil system: Cosworth Dry Sump
Induction: Cosworth Barrel Throttle
Pistons: Cosworth Forged 14:1 CR
Connecting Rods: Cosworth Forged
Crankshaft: Cosworth Billet Steel
Camshafts: Cosworth High Lift