Since 95′

AWR offers high performance aftermarket products, incomparable custom prototyping, racecar engineering, and restoration services to automotive manufacturers, car enthusiasts, racers and collectors.

San Diego, California

High performance products since 1995.


High performance aftermarket products

AWR offers a wide variety of aftermarket engine mounts, suspension components, and much more. Browse the AWR Store to find what best suits your application.


Incomparable custom prototyping

No matter if the car is destined for show or track, AWR puts the same attention to detail and build quality in everything we build. We don’t do anything, just for show, even if that’s all that’s required.


Racecar engineering and restoration services

AWR offers racecar engineering, and restoration services to automotive manufacturers, car enthusiasts, racers and collectors.

AWR Engine MountS

AWR makes high performance, stiffer motor mounts to stop your engine from rocking. This puts the power to the road instead of causing drive line lash.

Many factory engine mounts are too soft, in an effort by the factory to control vibration and quiet the interior of the car. In addition to using soft rubber, some mounts are liquid filled or have holes cut in the rubber to make them even more flexible.

The downside to these soft mounts is drive line lash. You step on the throttle and some of the torque is used to twist the engine in it’s mounts, rather than going through the drive line to the wheels. With AWR’s urethane engine mounts, you’ll benefit by reducing or eliminating drive line lash, as well as by receiving better throttle response. Instead of wasted torque turning the engine and trans in their mounts, the power is put to the ground right away. Urethane Engine Mounts from AWR benefits both street and track cars.

AWR offers engine mounts in 62, 70, 88, and 95 durometer. Depending on application, 62 is the softest of our urethane mounts, though still offers much improvement over the stock rubber mounts. 95 durometer is the stiffest we offer.


Proudly made in the USA.

Designed in San Diego, California

all products are manufactured at AWR Racing headquarters.

Welded in house

all of our products are laser cut, cnc folded, and machined in california

Street and track tested

lifetime warranty on all steel fabricated units.

AWR Racing Project Cars

Learn more about AWR’s projects, which include Race Cars, Pace Cars, Safety Cars, Show Cars, Customer’s Rides, and just plain FUN!