This project is set to make a big impact in the industry!

Miata Reunion 2023 Highlights

The 2023 Miata Reunion featured an impressive display of Miatas of all generations and thrilling track events at Sonoma Raceway. The event was a success thanks to the dedicated Miata Reunion crew and the sense of community among Miata enthusiasts from around the world. The AWR Team is looking forward to seeing all of you at the next Miata Reunion!

Our team here at AWR has been hard at work developing innovative new products for our newest build; DOZER – our LFX V6 endurance NB Miata. This project is set to make a big impact in the industry, and we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We had a fantastic time revealing this project at the reunion. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog, where we’ll be sharing more details and platform-specific products.

Check out some of the event photos below!

AWR Racing’s NA – ND product line was showcased over the weekend, and some exciting new products were revealed. Keep an eye out for Black Friday when we will add these items to our website!

A Big Shoutout to Brandon and Cynthia Hatcher @miatasnthings for showcasing their cars at the AWR Racing booth.

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