Mazda ND MX-5 Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks by AWR Racing

   Front: Minimum adjustment length 99.25mm – maximum adjustment length 120.50mm
Rear: Minimum adjustment length 73.60mm – maximum adjustment length 81.50mm

AWR’s MX-5 adjustable sway bar endlinks do not require removing from the sway bar or control arm to make an adjustment. We take the extra effort here at AWR Racing to provide this specific package. Loosen both jamb nuts and rotate the adjuster until your desired setting is reached whether it is free wheeling or pre-loading. Tighten jamb nuts and away you go!Remove the OEM weak links and install these units to add that last little bit of suspension detail to your ride.Extra short length end links designed for all types of MX-5 builds, from stock ride height or builds lowered to the floor. These links can be adjusted without removing from the vehicle by loosening the jamb nuts and rotating the center shaft. Our new and improved strong and smooth heimjoint rod ends do not transfer excess noise to the vehicle. At AWR, our products are built to last. Limited lifetime warranty with all types of racing in mind.


Pairs perfectly with our ND engine mounts and upper brackets! Link to shop AWR’s Mazda MX-5 ND product line:

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