1986- Who would have thought a Go Kart Competition would lead to the future direction of a racing company? Owner of AWR RACING, Anthony Woodford met Lance Stewart and brothers Jim and Joe Jordan while racing at Malibu Grand Prix Go Kart Track. It wasn’t long before a new friendship was created! Jim Jordan introduced Anthony, (Tony) to John and Sandy Overton, team owners of Overton Autosport. Tony was hired to help run their Mazda IMSA GTU RX-7’s that were driven by John Overton, Lance Stewart, Jeff Alkazian and Ron Cortez. While working for Overton Autosport many new friendships were created in the Mazda community which inspired us to start our own racing company.

1995- AWR Racing officially opened. We started to produce race products directly for Mazda Competition and worked together with Tim Buck, Steve Sanders and many others. This led to other relationships in the racing community and we started to build and campaign various Rotary powered Formula Atlantic Cars which made a huge impact in the development of our company.

1998- Tony was awarded the Sports Car Club of America Mechanic of the year for his role in the Formula Atlantic Program.

1999- Our company teamed up with Proto3motive to campaign the Mazda Protégé in the SCCA World Challenge Touring Car Series with Charles Espenlaub as our premier driver. We built the first Mazda Protégé touring car during this time. Along with campaigning this car we were developing our Motor Mount line for the Mazda and Ford Compact Vehicles.

2000- The Spec Miata Class was created in 1999 with the first race in 2000. We are so proud to have been a part of the largest grassroots racing series.

2002- We were given a Protégé 5 from Mazda Competition to create a Pace Car for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. This led to building a handful of other various Pace Cars for Mazda!

2005- AWR met with Mazda to discuss retrofitting a new MX-5 with a roll cage and Race Trim. This MX-5 was introduced to the world and promoted the new MX-5 Cup Series. We were designated to participate as an active vendor and supplier in the series for several years. Racing Cages, Inc. was our sister company and Tony along with his wife Sheree started this company. We specifically built roll cages for Spec Miatas, MX-5 Cup Series and a large amount of cages for Skip Barber Racing School.

2010 – CURRENT

We continue to focus on Mazda as our primary product line. To this day we continue innovating high performance products and we are proud to say all our products are manufactured in the USA and handcrafted in house with our family!

Mazda has been an enormous influence to AWR Racing and has kept our family safe and on the go throughout many years. We are so thankful to all who helped us get to this point!
We owe special thanks to all the brilliant people we’ve met, our loyal vendors and amazing customers who have all helped make so many wonderful memories over the years and have impacted our AWR Family so much. Thank you for continuing to support our family at AWR Racing, it absolutely means the world to us!

We are so excited to announce this is our 25th year in business and we are honored to be celebrating it alongside Mazda for the celebration of 100 years!
Congratulations to Mazda and everyone impacted by a truly awesome grassroots company that is seriously tied to the Motorsports community!

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– AWR Racing