Open Letter From Nasa Director Jerry Kuntzman

Dear Racing Fans,

This isn’t about NASA. It’s about a brand new, state of the art, racing facility here in the USA; Austin Texas to be exact. They are trying to lock in a Formula One race, and without all of the state and local authorities fully onboard, it might not happen. If it doesn’t happen, the track project might fail. Please spare just a few seconds to sign the petition referenced below. I am including the original letter from the track below.

Thank you for your help,

Jerry Kunzman
Executive Director
PS: The meeting is June 23. Please spread this through all social media.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with me a bit this afternoon. Just to recap: on June 23rd, Austin’s City Council will vote on tax issues that will mean the difference between hosting the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix or not. It is very possible Circuit of The Americas will not be built if there does not appear to be enough support for it.

We are hoping to make an online petition go viral: Any support you could lend us in terms of posting it on the NASA homepage or forwarding the link via newsletter would be of huge service! Also, Any clout you may have with various VIPs – and by that I’m talking about big names in Indy, NASCAR, and other series – would be of great help if it meant we could get drivers and teams tweeting regularly between now and the 23rd, or even posting it on their respective sites. It’s one thing to gain support from within, and another entirely if we can get U.S. racing the fans involved!

The petition was made in conjunction with Circuit of the Americas’ media relations firm, Hahn, Texas ( And believe me when I tell you that it will make a positive impact on the City Council’s decision-making process if we are able to collect enough signatures.

Thanks again. Please let me know if you have any questions,
-Austin Miller