New AWR Racing Store

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New AWR Racing Store

AWR Racing is proud to announce our new store.

Our new store has many great new features:

  • Single Page Checkout
  • Multiple Images per product
  • Customer Reviews
  • Compare Products
  • Better Search – Way better
  • Automated Returns
  • Gift Certificates
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Save To Wish List
  • Suggested Products

Customers voted, and by a narrow margin, we have decided NOT to try an move customer information from the old store to the new. We would have only been able to set up the email address, one address, and name anyway.

Please create a new account on the new store. You can do it now, or at the time of a purchase. This will ensure that all new information is accurate. You are free to use the same id as you did before.

If you need to access our old store, please visit This will remain open for a few weeks so customers can get any needed information. After we take that store down, the information will be gone.